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Munich Lung Conference 2018: Submit your abstract and register!

16. January 2018

It is our pleasure to announce the 2018 Munich Lung Conference (MLC).Dedicated to the topic of 'Lung disease exacerbation' we are happy to have recruited very well renowned speakers from different fields for the event. ProgramDetails and registration: https://mlc2018.helmholtz-muenchen.deread more

Season Greetings

20. December 2017

It's been a fantastic and eventful year! We would like to thank everyone contributing to our program, for supporting and shaping it, and for making progress possible. We wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a New Year filled with health, happiness, and success! May beautiful moments and happy memories surround you with joy this Christmas and always.read more

Introductory Seminars - Fundamentals of Lung Biology and...

20. December 2017

You are cordially invited to join the seminars "Fundamentals of Lung Biology and Physiology", which will take place from January 15-17, 2018 (CPC seminar room 2nd floor, Max-Lebsche-Platz 31). Preliminary programThis course is mandatory for all new MD and PhD students (class 2017/18) and those who have not completed the course yet; everyone else is welcome to join.We are looking...read more

Research Fellowship for Medical Student Michael Gerckens

19. December 2017

The CPC Research School awards a research fellowship to Michael Gerckens, an MD student under the direct supervision of Dr. Gerald Burgstaller (Core Unit "Live Cell Imaging"). Michael has joined the CPC already in 2014 as a student trainee and entered the CPC Research School program in 2016 when starting his medical thesis on "Pharmacological inhibition of the deposition of...read more

Congratulations Wiola Skronska-Wasek!

13. December 2017

Wioletta Skronska-Wasek, member of the CPC Research School and Munich Medical Research School, and PhD student in the Research Unit Lung Repair and Regeneration, successfully defended her PhD thesis "Wnt/Frizzled signaling in COPD and emphysema" on December 13, 2017 in Munich. Congratulations!!!read more

Munich International Autumn School for Respiratory Medicine 2017

11. December 2017

From December 04-08, 2017, the Munich International Autumn School (short: MIAS) was held for the fifth time at the Comprehensive Pneumology Center (CPC). Organized by the CPC Research School and greatly supported by AtemWeg - The Lung Disease Research Foundation, as well as by an unrestricted educational grant by Boehringer Ingelheim, participants learned about recent advancements in...read more

New Research School Governance

01. December 2017

The Research School "Lung Biology and Disease" at the Comprehensive Pneumology Center is a strong structural element in the lung research strategy of the Helmholtz Zentrum München. This field naturally encompasses the Institute of Lung Biology and Disease (ILBD) and Research Unit Lung Repair and Regeneration (LRR), but also lung-focused research in other areas such as the field of...read more

CPC Tandem Grant Writing Challenge

30. November 2017

The CPC Research School is awarding 10.000 € each for three innovative and creative tandem research projects between two different working groups. The aim is to support a tandem project between two MD/PhD students or between an MD/PhD student and a postdoc from two different working groups (newly established tandems). Applicants had to submit a proposal (3 pages including a description of the...read more

CPC Research School Grant Writing Challenge

30. November 2017

Our senior MD and PhD students had the opportunity to participate in a grant writing exercise in order to develop the skills needed to prepare professional, competitive, and successful grant proposals. They had to pick a topic of their choice - related to their MD or PhD projects, e.g. additional experiments or a side project - and write a structured, concise, and clear grant application (4...read more

From OMICS to Systems Biology - Lab exchange at Insybio Ltd

27. November 2017

After successfully applying for the HELENA Research stay grant, Mario Pepe, Ph.D  student, was awarded with a 3000€ travel grant to fund his lab exchange at the Insybio LTD in Patras, Greece. He worked under the supervision of Professor Seferina Mavroudi and Dr Konstatinos Theofilatos from September 1 till November 1, 2017. Mario had the opportunity to learn new kinds of...read more

View beyond the horizon – Lab exchange at Shriner’s Hospital for...

19. November 2017

After successfully passing the final Research School exam on analyzing scientific articles, Stefan Preisendörfer, MD student, was awarded with a 1000€ travel grant. With this, he was given the opportunity for a lab exchange at the Shriner's Hospital for Children, which is part of the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon. He worked under supervision of Hans Peter...read more

CPC Career Day 2017 - Register now!

10. November 2017

You are cordially invited to join us on December 04, 2017 for an interesting and interactive Career Day. Similar to last year's event, we invited speakers who will give an insight into their work and personal career paths, and are open for your questions.Preliminary programPlease register by sending an email to stefanie.weiss@helmholtz-muenchen.deWe are looking forward...read more

PhD Position available - Interactions between oncogenes and...

01. November 2017

The Lung Carcinogenesis Group of the Comprehensive Pneumology Center (CPC) is now seeking a PhD Candidate "Interactions between oncogenes and innate immunity in lung adenocarcinoma" Job Description and RequirementsIdentification and analysis of immune cells in different models of lung adenocarcinoma in miceHandling of and experimentation on transgenic mice expressing or deficient in...read more

PhD Position available - Identification and analysis of immune...

25. October 2017

The Research Groups "Dynamics of pulmonary inflammation" and "Immunopathology of COPD" at the Institute of Lung Biology and Disease (iLBD) offer a PhD position. Please look here for details and for uploading your application.read more

MMRS lecture series "Good Scientific Practice"

05. October 2017

In the upcoming winter semester 2017/18, the MMRS will be offering a lecture series on "Good Scientific Practice". Details here.read more

MSc Project available - Research Group Systems Medicine of...

20. September 2017

MSc project available in Herbert Schiller's lab!We are looking for open minded, highly motivated individuals who are interested in understanding fundamental molecular and cellular principles of organ regeneration and fibrosis. The position will be funded with a competitive salary.For more information, please directly contact Dr. Herbert Schiller (herbert.schiller@helmholtz-muenchen.de).read more

5th Munich International Autumn School - Call for applications

10. August 2017

It is our pleasure to announce the 5th Munich International Autumn School (MIAS), which will take place from December 04 to 08, 2017. The MIAS offers training modules in different labs and clinics in Munich for a limited number of young clinicians and scientists with an MD or PhD background. Participants will hear outstanding lectures given by speakers of the faculty as well as...read more

Grant Writing Challenge - Call for applications

01. August 2017

We are happy to announce that we are awarding 10.000 € each for three innovative and creative tandem research projects between two different working groups. Please submit your project proposal to research-school@cpc-munich.org, considering the following conditions:Format: 3 pages including a description of the project, a budget plan, and a work/time planTandem project between two MD/PhD...read more

Escape the benches! – The CPC Research School Retreat 2017

03. July 2017

This year's CPC Research School retreat for MD and PhD students took place on June 28 and 29, 2017, at the Grasgehren mountain lodge, Allgäu. The event included presentations on the student's progress with subsequent expert feedback by the Research School Team, and offered opportunities for building research connections during the structured sessions, lunchtime sessions, and evening receptions....read more

MIAS Alumni Meeting in Washington D.C. on May 23, 2017

17. May 2017

We are organizing a MIAS Alumni Meeting within the framework of the ATS Annual Conference 2017 in Washington DC. On behalf of AtemWeg - The Lung Disease Research Foundation and the Comprehensive Pneumology Center Munich, it is our sincere pleasure to invite you to an informal get-together on Tuesday May 23, 2017 at 06:30 pm to catch up and connect with former participants and faculty, and...read more

SIC Rising Star of Research Award – Dr. Darcy Wagner

16. May 2017

Darcy E. Wagner, member of the Research Unit "Lung Repair and Regeneration" at the CPC/LRR and member of the Helmholtz Munich Postdoctoral Fellowship Program has been selected as a Science and Innovation Center (SIC) Rising Star of Research representing the Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology (RCMB) Assembly for this year's American Thoracic Society. The American Thoracic Society is...read more

Responsible Research 2017 - A campus-wide event for...

11. May 2017

All researchers are obliged to conform to rules of Good Scientific Practice. These rules are implicit, but the border between acceptable and unacceptable practice is often unclear. What is responsible research conduct? How can I present data accurately? What exactly is plagiarism? What are the pros and cons of open science? What is an ombudsperson?This year's focus will be on data accuracy and...read more

Translational Medicine Seminar Series

11. May 2017

HELENA and the Helmholtz Research Schools Lung Biology and Disease and Radiation Sciences are hosting a Translational Medicine Seminar Series. Join us for the first session on May 30, 2017!This seminar series aims to give an overview on translational medicine starting from the disease towards the understanding of disease mechanisms, epidemiological evidence, identification of biomarkers and...read more

Girls and technology? Let’s break with habits! – Girls’ Day 2017

30. April 2017

Each year, on every fourth Thursday of April, a nationwide effort is made to offer girls the possibility to get to know professional areas and jobs, which they might not typically consider after their school career. The aim and concept of the Girls' Day is to oppose to stereotypes, such as girls not fitting to technical professions in engineering and science. As the German Research Center for...read more

Jessica Götzfried awarded as Best Speaker at the 34th Protease...

31. March 2017

Jessica Götzfried, PhD student in the Research Group of "Enzymes and Inhibitors in Lung Disease" (Jenne Lab), has been awarded as the Best Speaker out of more than sixty presentations at the 34th Protease Winter School in Tiers. Her talk entitled "Storage and transplantability of donor lungs is extended by α1-antitrypsin as an additive to Perfadex" convinced an international...read more

CPC Spring Party on March 20, 2017 at 4 pm

08. March 2017

Spring is almost here! We will take this as an occasion to have an informal institute's get-together with some drinks, food, music, and dance :)You are cordially invited to join the CPC Spring Party on March 20, 2017 at 4 pm on the 2nd floor of the CPC in Großhadern.We would also like to use this occasion to celebrate the achievements of our "senior" MD...read more

ERS Short-Term Research Training Fellowship for Christoph Mayr

03. March 2017

Christoph Mayr, PhD student in the CPC research group of Dr. Herbert Schiller, has received an European Respiratory Society (ERS) Short-Term Research Training Fellowship amounting to 4000€. Starting in April, the grant will support a three months lab exchange with the group of Dr. Richard Scheltema (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands), specializing on cross-linking Mass Spectrometry. Together...read more

Cigarette smoke curbs lung's self-healing

02. March 2017

Smoke from cigarettes blocks self-healing processes in the lungs and consequently can lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Researchers at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, partner in the German Center for Lung Research (DZL), and their international colleagues have reported this in the 'American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine'.Cough, bronchitis, and breathing...read more

CPC Students @ Life Science Graduate Network Get-together

01. March 2017

Bill Nye, an American scientist, once said: "Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't." This emphasizes the importance of networking in science, and for this purpose the second Life Science Graduate Network Get-together took place on Feb 23rd. Graduate students from different Life Science institutes in Munich were invited to join the meeting at the Biomedical...read more

ATS Foundation Research Grant for Darcy Wagner

15. February 2017

Darcy E. Wagner, member of the Research Unit "Lung Repair and Regeneration"(LRR) at the CPC and participant in the Helmholtz Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme has been awarded a grant endowed with 40.000 Dollars from the ATS Foundation. The grant aims to identify novel routes to induce lung repair in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a...read more

2016 Graduate Students Award for Ilona Kammerl

19. January 2017

In honour of her scientific achievements, Dr. Ilona Kammerl, scientist at the Comprehensive Pneumology Center (CPC), Helmholtz Zentrum München, received one of the three Graduate Students Awards.In order to encourage outstanding doctoral dissertations, the Münchner Bank, the Verein der Freunde und Förderer (VdFF), and the Helmholtz Graduate School Environmental Health (HELENA) awarded three...read more

Munich International Autumn School (MIAS) for Respiratory...

16. December 2016

Translating research into practice is one of the key aspects of modern medical science. To allow for such translations, qualified experts with notion of both basic science and clinical medicine are needed. To gain more insight into recent developments in lung biology and disease research at the interface of bench-to-bedside, the Munich International Autumn School (MIAS) was held for the fourth...read more

Vanessa Welk honored with Award for Best Poster

05. December 2016

Vanessa Welk, member of the CPC Research School and PhD student in the research group "Proteasome Function in Chronic Lung Disease" (Meiners lab) at the iLBD/CPC, was honored with a poster award for her abstract "Proteasome activator 200 (PA200) is dysregulated in fibrotic tissue remodeling" at the 3rd Proteostasis Action Meeting in Lisbon. The 3rd PROTEOSTASIS Action...read more

Career Day

10. November 2016

You are cordially invited to our first Career Day on November 10, 2016. The aim is to provide insights on different career paths in specific fields (program). We invited alumni and other scientists from Academia, Industry and beyond to briefly share their personal career paths. Afterwards you have time to join round table Q&A sessions. Stay tuned for the individual profiles of the speakers...read more

Introductory Module Finished!

28. October 2016

The past few weeks have been very exciting for the new MD and PhD students of the CPC Research School. The introductory module was intended to bring all the new students on the same level of knowledge about common methods, good scientific practice, research ethics, and different projects at the institute. This was also a great opportunity for the students to improve their presentation skills....read more

CPC PhD Students @ Mini München

15. September 2016

The award-winning play city “Mini-Munich” is the largest summer break project for children at the age of 7-15 that is organized by the City of Munich. Over the past 34 years, Mini-Munich has become the most renowned educational project for children and has been a role model for more than 200 play cities both nationally and internationally. Mini-Munich is a small model of the big city where...read more

Welcome new MD and PhD Students

07. September 2016

School has started - not just for many kids out there, also for the new MD and PhD students here at the CPC in Großhadern. The official program was kicked-off with two days of seminars about the lung including lung function, lung diseases, the immune system of the lung, and lung anatomy. The talks were all prepared and given by senior Research School students. We received a lot of information,...read more

Awards at PneumoUpdate 2016 for iLBD/CPC Scientists

16. June 2016

Carolina Ballester Lopez, PhD Student, and Dr. Thomas Conlon, Postdoc in the research group "Immunopathology of COPD" (Yildirim Lab) at the iLBD/CPC have been honored for their scientific work during the PneumoUpdate 2016 conference.Carolina Ballester Lopez received the Young Investigator Award from PneumoUpdate for her abstract "A new tool to monitor the development of acute...read more

Flavia, Jessica, and Aina win Grant Writing Challenge

13. April 2016

Our senior PhD students had the opportunity to participate in a grant writing exercise in order to develop the skills needed to prepare professional, competitive, and successful grant proposals. They had to pick a topic of their choice - related to their PhD projects, e.g. additional experiments or a side project - and write a structured, concise, and clear grant application (4 pages, max. 2000€...read more

Awards for Aina Martin & Malamati Vreka at the Lung Science...

18. March 2016

Aina Martin Medina, PhD student in the research group Lung Repair and Regeneration led by Melanie Königshoff, was awarded for the best oral presentation* at the Lung Science Conference in Estoril.  Malamati Vreka, PhD student in the research group Lung Carcinogenesis led by Georgios Stathopoulos, received the distinguished poster** award. Congratulations, ladies!The 14th Lung Science...read more

Sabine Bartel honored with PhD-Award of the German Lung...

06. March 2016

Dr. Sabine Bartel, graduate of the Research School “Lung Biology and Disease”, was honored by the German Lung Foundation for the best experimental dissertation in 2015. The award for her thesis “mircoRNA-based identification of pulmonary signaling pathways in experimental asthma – The role of the cAMP element binding protein 1 (Creb1)” was presented to her by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Sybrecht, chairman...read more

Poster Award for Larissa Knüppel & Aina Martin Medina

01. March 2016

Larissa Knüppel and Aina Martin Medina, both PhD students of the CPC Graduate Program, were awarded with poster prizes at the AIR Symposium in Mainz.This year’s AIR Symposium “AIR 5.0: New insights and advances in IPF research“ took place in Mainz on February 12 and 13, 2016. The newest clinical studies, opportunities for therapy, as well as research on idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) have...read more

Munich International Autumn School for Respiratory Medicine 2015

23. October 2015

From October 5 - 9, young scientists and clinicians from around the world had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience on recent developments in lung biology and disease research at the interface of basic sciences and clinical medicine. The Munich International Autumn School (MIAS) was held for the third time at the Comprehensive Pneumology Center (CPC) and organized by “AtemWeg – Stiftung zur...read more