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Flavia, Jessica, and Aina win Grant Writing Challenge

Our senior PhD students had the opportunity to participate in a grant writing exercise in order to develop the skills needed to prepare professional, competitive, and successful grant proposals. They had to pick a topic of their choice - related to their PhD projects, e.g. additional experiments or a side project - and write a structured, concise, and clear grant application (4 pages, max. 2000€ budget).

The students put a lot of effort into this exercise and submitted many interesting and thoughtful grant applications. The proposals were reviewed (written reviews) by their peers and a reviewing committee. Afterwards, the PhD students had to present and “sell” their ideas in form of an elevator pitch. 

We are happy to announce 3 awardees of the CPC Grant Challenge:

Flavia Greiffo: Deciphering the interplay of circulating non-classical monocytes with endothelial cells in human interstitial lung diseases

Jessica Götzfried: One step closer towards revolutionizing lung transplant preservation - Readout methods for transplant protection by protease inhibitors

Aina Martin Medina: WNT5A contributes via specific extracellular vesicle subpopulations to impaired cellular crosstalk in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

They will receive a budget of 2000€ each to accomplish their planned experiments, and present their ideas at the CPC Research Forum on April 20, 2016.