Emilia Berthold

MD Student

Project Title: Non-Immunosuppressive FK506 Analogues as inhibitors of coronavirus replication

CPC Research Group: Staab-Weijnitz Lab

Nora Bramey

MD Student

Project Title: Characterization of fibroblast senescence in COPD and IPF

CPC Research Group: Königshoff Lab

Yuexin Chen

PhD Student

Project title: Spatial characterization of instructive tissue niches in lung regeneration and fibrosis

CPC Research Group: Schiller Lab

Bikram Dasgupta

PhD Medical Research

Project title: Matrix assisted growth and development of cells in tissue regeneration 

CPC Research Group: Rinkevich Lab

Christoph Deisenhofer

Dr. rer nat.

Project title: Cellular and Extracellular Mechanisms of Tissue Regeneration

Research Group: Rinkevich Lab

Lena Haist

MD Student

Project title: Role of oxygen toxicity on the development of central nervous system co-morbidities in neonatal chronic lung disease

CPC Research Group: Hilgendorff Lab

Lex Kaiser

MD Student

Project title: Proteasome activity profiling in asthma

CPC Research Group: Meiners Lab

Julie Kiesch

MD Student

Projekt-Titel: Sputumzytologie als prädiktiver Wert und Verlaufsparameter bei Patienten mit schwerem Asthma bronchiale vor und während einer Biologikatherapie

CPC Research Group: Meiners Lab

Maria Camila Melo Narvaez

PhD Medical Research

Project title: Lung aging in a dish

CPC Research Group: Lehmann Lab

Jeanine Chantal Pestoni

PhD Medical Research

Project title: Lung bioengineering: rebuilding lungs based on humanized bioprinted scaffolds as a future alternative for transplantation

CPC Research Group: Burgstaller Lab

Ursula Rambold

Dr. rer. nat.

Project Title: The influence of deregulated CD30 signaling and γ-herpesviral infection on the development of B cell lymphoma

CPC Research Group: Adler Lab

Melanie Wögrath

MD Student

Project title: Characterization of novel antifibrotic inhibitors of aberrant extracellular matrix deposition in lung fibrosis

CPC Research Group: Burgstaller Lab

Jiakuan Zhao

Dr. rer. biol. hum.

Project title: Barrier immunity in health and disease

CPC Research Group:

Rinkevich Lab

Niklas Jonathan Lang

MD Student

Project title: Analyzing cell-cell communication at the single-cell level to uncover pathological niche environments in organ fibrosis

CPC Research Group:  Schiller Lab

Yuqin Wang

PhD Student

Project title: Role of the immunoproteasome/MHC class I antigen presentation pathway for interferon-mediated immune responses.

CPC Research Group: Meiners Lab