Important Resources and Support Structures Available to Doctoral Researchers at Helmholtz Munich

A plethora of resources and support structures is available to all doctoral researchers at Helmholtz Munich (partly internal links).  

  • Awards/ Prize Team: Learn about awards/ prizes to increase your visibility and improve your chances to obtain funding in the future
  • Career Center: Events and Workshops, One-on-One Coaching, Company Visits
  • Core Facility Statistical Consulting (fee-based)/ Data Analysis Café (free of charge): You can register for a 15-minute slot and discuss your questions/ get  statistical and bioinformatics advice regarding statistical problems, programming, or working with multi-omics data 
  • DINI - Doctoral Initiative: Group of volunteering doctoral researchers at Helmholtz Munich, everyone is welcome to join: they provide guidance and relevant info to new doctoral researchers, organize social events/ networking events (also hiking, 'Starkbierfest', etc), ... 
  • Helmholtz Juniors: Helmholtz doctoral researchers network
  • HR Learning and Development: Seminars with internal and external trainers, Open Educational Resources (learning German or English), e-learnings, ...
  • Ombudspersons for doctoral researchers: Designated impartial individuals who mediate in cases of conflict between graduate students and their advisers (strictly confidential)
  • Project Funding: Identify available options for funding, requirements, etc. 
  • Psychosocial Counseling Center: Individual Counseling or Group Coaching in work and family stress situations (strictly confidential; Conflict management, difficult leadership situations, etc.) --> via telephone/ video conference
  • Scientific Training: Various courses and events; 'Women @ Helmholtz Munich' (e.g. Sexism in STEM, Gender Medicine, etc.); 'Science Communication' (e.g. Social Media for Researchers, Voice and Speech Training, etc.); 'Mental Health' (e.g. Staying well in your research career, Impostor Syndrome, etc.)

And for those of you who are planning to do a Postdoc soon: