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Helmholtz Graduate School Environmental Health

The CPC Research School program is part of the Helmholtz Graduate School Environmental Health - HELENA, established at the Helmholtz Zentrum München - German Research Center for Environmental Health. CPC doctoral students therefore benefit from further support and education opportunities offered by HELENA.

HELENA consists of three training activities: Mandatory elements, scientific training, and professional skills training. Graduate students can select from a wide range of courses offered by HELENA and set up their own individual curriculum. In addition to the training program offered by HELENA, students may also take courses and seminars offered by the universities or other graduate programs. These training activities can be accredited with "HELENA Equivalents (HE)" if the participation is certified by the respective institutions. HELENA Equivalents correspond to the workload of a training activity (4 hours workload will be accredited with 1 HE).

The following HELENA events are mandatory for all graduate students:

  • HELENA Lecture Series Environmental Health & Topic Days: These lecture series and topic days are organized by HELENA at the Helmholtz Zentrum Munich and provide an overview of environmental health research at the HMGU (details here). Graduate students have to participate 3 times (lists of attendance will be circulated by the HELENA office).
  • Translational Medicine Seminar Series: This seminar series aims to give an overview on translational medicine starting from the disease towards the understanding of disease mechanisms, epidemiological evidence, identification of biomarkers and development of new therapies and drugs leading to clinical studies. It will also cover basic concepts in life science ranging from research ethics, good manufacturing practice, translation of knowledge from mice to men, data integration to the transfer of research to the clinics and industry. Basis researchers, physician scientists, and clinicians will introduce challenges and success stories of translational research and the format of a 45 minutes talk followed by "Beer & Brezn" will provide a platform for active discussions and networking. The lecture series welcomes all researchers of the Center and is an integral part of the HELENA educational program. HELENA Graduate students and HELENA associated medical students have to participate 5 times (details here).
  • HELENA Orientation Days
  • LMU or TUM Welcome Day


Thesis Advisory Committee and Meetings

All HELENA members have to establish a thesis advisory committee (TAC) and complete the membership form. Annual TAC meetings are mandatory.

A minimum of three TAC meetings is necessary for contract prolongation. If the student's contract needs to be extended, the following documents have to be sent to the HELENA office (at least one month before the contract ends):

  • TAC form signed by all members of the committee and the institute director
  • Progress report
  • Work and time plan


Credit Points & Transcripts

Make sure you receive a certificate of participation for any attended external workshop/ seminar/ conference etc. Please submit your certificates to the HELENA office via the online tool AND send a scan to the CPC Research School Coordination Office at the end of each semester.