DR Representatives

The DR (doctoral researcher) representatives are a selected group of graduate students whose main task is to create a connection between the Research School, doctoral researchers, and their supervisors. Any kind of feedback can be given to the representatives so that the needs of all Ph.D. and M.D. candidates are fulfilled.

The responsibilities and activities of the EHLRS DR representatives include:

  • Maintaining close communication with both new and senior students
  • Ensuring open communication between organizational and graduate student body
  • Officially advancing the view of the Ph.D./M.D. candidates in meetings and decisions concerning the Research School
  • Keeping the program's coordinators and directors fully up to date on the graduate students' interests and concerns
  • Organizing DR seminars, workshops, and other events (e.g. Career Days)
  • Performing other responsibilities (as required)

The DR representatives are fully supported by the Research School's Organizational Board that motivates them to integrate and actively participate in shaping the school with their ideas and suggestions.

The DR representatives are:

EHLRS Class of 2022