All students are mentored by a supervisor at their institute who will be working with the students on their scientific project and career development plan. Additionally, an individual Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) for each student will be established.

HELENA and the MMRS (LMU) have different requirements for Supervison Agreements and your TAC. Please check for rules at the TUM (see also here) and University Augsburg on their respective pages.


Supervision Agreement

Thesis Committee

Assembled within the first three months of the doctoral thesis by the graduate student, with support from the direct adviser

  1. The professional/ direct adviser (institute director/ group leader/ postdoctoral researcher)
  2. University adviser (authorized examiner, "Prüfungsberechtigung" (if the direct adviser is also the University adviser, an additional person shall be included in the TAC
  3. An independet, preferably external, specialist expert (doctoral degree necessary)
  4. An additional fourth member may be included

The names of the Thesis Committee members have to be sent to HELENA within the first six months of your doctoral project.

Thesis Committee meetings have to take place after 9 months, 1.5 years, and 2.5 years. Written documentation (TC form signed by all Committee members + progress report) has to be sent only as PDF document to the Graduate Student Office.

MMRS (Ph.D. in Medical Research)

Supervision Agreement

  • has to be submitted and accepted before enrollment into LMU
  • has to be signed by the first TAC member and by the doctoral candidate with an original, handwritten signature and uploaded to theMMRS portal
  • the original (physical copy) has to be sent to the MMRS

Thesis Advisory Committee 

Assembled during the first semester

  • The second TAC member has to belong to another department than your main supervisor
  • Tac member 1 and 2 must be a private lecturer or professor (some exceptions may apply)
  • TAC member 3 should at least be an independent group leader (PI)
  • Two out of three TAC members must be part of the Medical Faculty of the LMU

Together with the TAC, students must complete and submit a

Target Agreement 

(incl. project title, outline, objectives, milestones etc.) by the end of the 2ndsemester at the latest (signed by all TAC members with original, handwritten signatures -> the original physical copy has to be sent to the MMRS). This should be re-evaluated during

TAC meetings

and amended if necessary. The protocol for the first TAC meeting has to be uploaded by the end of the third semester at the latest; the protocol for the second TAC meeting has to be uploaded by the end of the fifth semester at the latest.

Target Amendment: In case of differences to the original target agreement, a target amendment needs to be recorded, signed, and uploaded to the MMRS portal.


Important: You have to keep track of your own deadlines!