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Thesis Advisory Committee

All students are mentored by a supervisor at the CPC who will be working with the students on their scientific project and career development plan. Additionally, an individual Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) for each student will be established within the first 3 months of the project.

  • Official University Supervisor (LMU Medical Faculty)
  • Second Advisor @ LMU Medical Faculty
  • CPC Supervisor
  • External expert

All TAC members and the doctoral candidate must sign the SUPERVISION AGREEMENT.

Together with the TAC, students must complete and submit the TARGET AGREEMENT (incl. project title, outline, objectives, milestones etc.) by the end of the 2nd semester at the latest (signed by all TAC members!). This should be re-evaluated during TAC meetings and amended if necessary.


Annual TAC Meeting

  • To review progress made and progress expected in the coming months.
  • To encourage the student's scientific activities and initiatives and guide and possibly assist the students in planning their further professional career.
  • Submit Annual Supervisory Report form + progress report/presentation slides to the HELENA coordination office and upload your documents in the MMRS Online Portal.