Research Fellowship for Medical Student Michael Gerckens

The CPC Research School awards a research fellowship to Michael Gerckens, an MD student under the direct supervision of Dr. Gerald Burgstaller (Core Unit "Live Cell Imaging"). Michael has joined the CPC already in 2014 as a student trainee and entered the CPC Research School program in 2016 when starting his medical thesis on "Pharmacological inhibition of the deposition of extracellular matrix proteins in chronic lung diseases by a high-throughput imaging assay". He received not only top scores in both exams of the CPC Research School, but also submitted two independent grant applications to the CPC Research School grant challenges (CPC Tandem Grant Writing Challenge, CPC Research School Grant Writing Challenge), which both got funded after internal and external review. In order to enable him to drive his research interests forward in the future, alongside his studies, the CPC Research School awards him with a research fellowship, in form of a student assistant contract, for 2018. Congratulations!