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Awards for Aina Martin & Malamati Vreka at the Lung Science Conference

Aina Martin Medina, PhD student in the research group Lung Repair and Regeneration led by Melanie Königshoff, was awarded for the best oral presentation* at the Lung Science Conference in Estoril.  Malamati Vreka, PhD student in the research group Lung Carcinogenesis led by Georgios Stathopoulos, received the distinguished poster** award. Congratulations, ladies!

The 14th Lung Science Conference "System approaches in lung disease" took place in Estoril, Portugal, from March 10-13, 2016.

The Lung Science Conference, organized by the European Respiratory Society and renowned for basic and translational respiratory science,  offers a unique opportunity to network with peers from around the world and features cutting-edge abstracts on novel experimental lung research. 


 *Aina Martin Medina: Non-canonical WNT signaling is mediated by extracellular vesicles in pulmonary fibrosis

**Malamati Vreka: Host-environmental IL-1B drives mutant Kras-IKKA addiction in malignant pleural effusion