Winner of the Research School Grant Writing Challenge 2023

Congratulations go to Yasmin Shaalan (Rehberg Lab/ Stöger Lab), whose grant proposal entitled "The innate immunological capacity of T-cells in the distal lungs" won this year's Grant Writing Challenge. 

As part of the Advanced Scientific Training, third-year doctoral researchers each chose a topic related but not identical with their Ph.D. project (not discussed with their supervisors) and submitted a grant proposal, which was then reviewed by Faculty Members Claudia Staab-Weijnitz, Carola Voss, Markus Rehberg, Theodoros Kapellos, Aicha Jeridi and Roxana Wasnick, as well as by three randomly assigned peers. On top of that, all participants had to 'sell' their ideas to the Faculty during an Elevator Pitch Meeting on November 10th, 2023.

Yasmin will now be able to order consumables worth 2000 Euros for her project idea, thanks to the DZL, which hereby is gratefully acknowledged.