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Jessica Götzfried awarded as Best Speaker at the 34th Protease Winter School in Tiers, Italy

Jessica Götzfried, PhD student in the Research Group of "Enzymes and Inhibitors in Lung Disease" (Jenne Lab), has been awarded as the Best Speaker out of more than sixty presentations at the 34th Protease Winter School in Tiers.

Her talk entitled "Storage and transplantability of donor lungs is extended by α1-antitrypsin as an additive to Perfadex" convinced an international jury of leading experts on 12th of March 2017.

The annual Winter School on Proteinases and Inhibitors in Tiers is one of the premium meetings in the field on proteolytic enzymes. It regularly attracts participants from leading laboratories worldwide, covering diverse and vibrant fields of protease research, such as mechanistic studies on proteases in their molecular, cellular and organismic context. Primarily young scientist report on their latest findings, covering molecular, cellular and organismic aspects of protease research.

More information: www.uni-salzburg.at