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Introductory Module Finished!

The past few weeks have been very exciting for the new MD and PhD students of the CPC Research School. The introductory module was intended to bring all the new students on the same level of knowledge about common methods, good scientific practice, research ethics, and different projects at the institute. This was also a great opportunity for the students to improve their presentation skills. Just recently, all PhD and MD students presented their research projects with most exciting topics such as 3D printing of the lung, novel ideas for targeted therapy against lung cancer, single-cell transcriptional profiling of lung regeneration, etc. Wrapping up a busy time of interesting method seminars, lectures, project presentations and feedback rounds, the introductory module ended with a fun Bavarian Weißwurst breakfast ;)

It was a great kick off so let's keep up the high level of motivation and support, and do great science! Next on the agenda: Reading and Understanding Scientific Literature (Journal Clubs).

By Kristina Arendt.