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Careers in Respiratory Medicine – The DZL Mentoring Program

The German Center for Lung Research (DZL) aims to support highly motivated young DZL members working in biomedical sciences/medicine in their career development. Thereby, the DZL seeks to identify and raise future DZL (and lung community) leaders for executive-level positions requiring management and leadership skills.

The DZL Mentoring program fosters establishing a network of early career scientists and clinicians who are interested in and committed to engaging in mentor-mentee relationships. Primary target group includes clinical fellows, post-doctoral fellows and junior PIs early in their career development.



  • Individual mentor-mentee partnerships
  • Satellite meetings for mentors and mentees alongside the DZL Annual Meeting
  • Regular individual mentor-mentee meetings
  • Establishment of a strong contact and peer network within the DZL and beyond
  • Leadership-, Management- and Transferable Skills Courses/Workshops (building upon site infrastructure, linking with other programs and initiatives)
Mentor-Mentee Get-together @ DZL Annual Meeting in Hanover, January 2016