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Presentation and Communication Skills

Workshop within the framework of the graduate training program

Trainer(s): Matthias Beckmann and his team from Sprachraum eG

May 04/05, 2017 (Munich)


  • Factors of a good scientific presentation
  • Powerful presentation language (incl. body language, voice etc.) - supporting your message
  • Platform skills - for clear visualisation and high creativity
  • Finding out what your strengths are and developing your individual presentation profile
  • Learning how to lead the audience from your first appearance on stage until the last question in the discussion
  • How to deal with difficulties

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Communication and Conflict Management

Workshop within the framework of the DZL Academy/Mentoring Program

Trainer & Coach: Jutta Wepler

January 31, 2016 (Hanover)


  • Fundamentals of communication: Attitude, body language, communication models, effective communication, killer phrases
  • Horizontal and vertical communication
  • Leading with questions
  • Active Listening
  • Difficult communication situations
  • Detecting, addressing, and clarifying conflicts
  • Taking own interests seriously and expressing them clearly
  • Defining negotiation goals, negotiating in own interest (Harvard-Strategy)
  • How to give and receive feedback


Strategic Career Planning

Workshop within the framework of the DZL Academy/ Mentoring Program

Trainer & Coach: Jutta Wepler

January 28/29, 2017 and July 07/08, 2017 (Munich)


  • Review: What have I achieved so far?
  • Mental contrasting
  • Defining objectives: Plan A, Plan B, Plan C
  • Defining and concretizing specific measures: • Scientific profiling - publications, lectures, cooperation, teaching, research abroad • Funding opportunities - positions, third-party funds, scholarships • Information, support, recommendation - network building and care • Work-life balance
  • Establishing a personal action plan
  • What ​​drives/motivates me, what could get in my way?
  • Self-motivation and endurance
  • Establishment of "success teams" for mutual support and implementation of the planned working methods, peer coaching