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Translational Training

Case Discussions: Session to help MD/PhD students to maintain familiarity with clinical medicine during their research training. One student presents a clinical case to a group of students and the case will be discussed among the students and clinicians that supervise the discussion.

Clinical Visits: Realizing the idea "from bench to bedside", the clinical faculty of the LBD Research School regularly invites each student to clinical visits of patients with chronic lung disease (one-day visit). The clinical visits take place both at the hospital of the LMU Munich and at the Asklepios Hospital, two important partners of the CPC. Each student is expected to attend one visit at each site. They have the opportunity to learn how a bronchoscopy is performed and to get familiar with the medical signs of lung diseases. The program starts with an introductory lecture given by a member of the clinical faculty and dealing with hygiene, confidentiality and data protection. At the end of the program, all students are invited to report about their clinical experience during a feedback seminar.