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Interdisciplinary Training

Mandatory Elements:

CPC Lecture Series: Doctoral students will have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in lung research worldwide, to improve their interdisciplinary knowledge, and broaden their scientific network through the CPC Lecture Series. Seminars will be given by participating faculty members from partner institutions in Munich (LMU and the university hospital, HMGU, Asklepios Hospital) or experienced scientists and clinicians from international universities and research centers. The invited lecturers will be selected from those focused on basic science as well as clinical experts from the lung and other fields, which enhances the translational dimension of the training program. Student meetings are organized to get to know the speaker personally, ask questions on e.g. career planning or specific scientific topics, and network. Attendance of at least 80% is required. 

Research Forum: MD and PhD students are encouraged to use this as an opportunity to practice presentations (e.g. for a conference, thesis committee meeting, or thesis defense), discuss results with their peers, exchange ideas and ask questions in a familiar setting. All MD and PhD students are expected to present at least once per year at the Research Forum. Active participation will prepare them for leading scientific discussions at professional conferences. Attendance of at least 60% is required.

Conferences: For their continued personal and professional development, students are strongly encouraged to attend national and international conferences, present their own work, increase their visibility, learn about new findings in the field or related fields, network and look for potential collaborators. Travel grants are offered by the HELENA office.

Lung Retreats: Topic-specific seminars and lectures are given by invited faculty and guest speakers, and all students present the progress of their research project. The retreat is organized both by the faculty and the students. In particular, the students are encouraged to suggest scientists for lectures and are involved in the invitation of the respective speaker. Further, the students act as sessions chairs, thus become familiar with introducing speakers and leading a scientific discussion at an early stage of their careers. At the retreat, students also have the opportunity presenting their results and receive constructive feedback from their fellow students, faculty, and invited speakers. The educational part of the retreat is extended by "Meet-the-Professor-Seminars", in which the students are introduced to scientists of international reputation, working in a wide range of research areas relating to (patho)physiologic mechanisms of lung disease. In this personal setting, the students have the opportunity to direct questions to "role-models" and learn about individual careers in academia, industry, and businesses, as well as personal and scientific visions of the respective scientists. Attendance of at least one retreat organized by the CPC Research School is required during the PhD period.

Outreach Activities/ Science Communication: Outreach activities, such as school presentations, workshops, and public talks, are important to bring knowledge and expertise on a particular topic to the general public and explain the benefits of their support of our research to the community. Participation in at least one event (e.g. Mini München, Girls/Boys Day, Activities @ Deutsches Museum, Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft etc.) is required.


Optional (but highly recommended):

Electives: To expand their understanding and gain new perspectives, students are encouraged to pick a course of their choice, unrelated to their field of study, for example within the LMU or TUM course program.

Events offered by the Lifescience Campus Munich: Initiated by the GraduateCenterLMU, the various graduate programs of the Lifescience Campus have teamed up to work toward the common goal of providing doctoral researchers an excellent education with a sound foundation based on good scientific practice. This network is committed to creating synergies, strengthening the scientific community by promoting interdisciplinary communication and cooperation as well as organizing large scale information events on topics of overall interest and benefit (More details here).

Career Events: Representatives from academia, industry and beyond are regularly invited to share their professional experience with the doctoral students. The aim is to provide insights on different career paths in specific fields and expand the network of professional contacts. Students are involved in the choice of the speakers and in the organization of the events.

Get-to-know-your-PI Sessions: Monthly sessions, where students can get to know the principal investigators of the CPC and have the opportunity to ask about major milestones in their career, decisions they've made and the reason behind them, things they would do differently, future plans, and advice they may have for the students' career.