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Credit Points and ECTS

The training program is structured by a Credit Point System developed by the CPC Research School team in agreement with the "HELENA Equivalents" (4 hours workload is accredited with 1 Credit Point (CP)).

MMRS PhD candidates will receive ECTS according to LMU regulations (30 hours workload is accredited with 1 ECTS).

All courses offered by the CPC Research School are automatically converted into CP/ECTS by the Research School Coordination Office. Make sure you receive a certificate of participation for any attended external workshop/seminar/conference etc. and forward a scan to the Research School Coordination Office at the end of each semester. Your CP/ECTS status will be communicated regularly to the HELENA and MMRS Coordination Office.

After successful completion of your doctoral studies at the CPC, all efforts will be rewarded through the:

  • Doctoral degree from the university
  • CPC Research School Certificate "Lung Biology and Disease"
  • HELENA Certificate "Environmental Health"